The Raspberry Pi UC housing has a modular structure and can be used with many Raspberry Pi models as well as with various SSD converters and HATs. The basis is always a Raspberry Pi with an SSD converter. A sound card can be used as an option.

 Pos. Quantity  Part-number Name Material Producer Supplier
 1  1  HTPC-2002  Raspberry Pi UC upper case PLA or ABS  - -
 2  1  HTPC-2001  Raspberry Pi UC lower case PLA or ABS  - -
 3  4  HTPC-2003  Raspberry Pi UC device base PLA or ABS  - -
 4  1  HTPC-1209  Raspberry Pi UC switch braket PLA or ABS  - -
 5  4  HTPC-2006  Raspberry Pi UC  device stopper Rubber  - -
 6  1  HTPC-XXXX  Raspberry Pi UC LAN/USB cover PLA or ABS  - -
 7  1  HTPC-ZZZZ  Raspberry Pi UC Power cover PLA or ABS  - -
8  1  HTPC-2010  Raspberry Pi UC switch PLA or ABS - -
9  1  HTPC-NNNN  Raspberry Pi / SSD assembly - - -
10  1  HTPC-2320  OSOYOO 5" DSI Touch Display - OSOYOO  OSOYOO
11  1  HTPC-2321  DSI Displaycable 15PIN AWN 20624 80C 60V VW-1, Lenght 25cm
 ATTENTION: No standard Raspberry Pi DSI cable! The contacts must be on the same side at both ends.
 -    Ebay
12  1  HTPC-1050  Switch (Mini Drucktaster HQ, 1-polig, Schließer OFF-(ON))      BerryBase
13  9  HTPC-2005  Countersunk screw DIN 965-M4x16, schwarz  Stahl  -  Screwsandmore
14  8  HTPC-1005  Pan head screw ISO 14583-M2,5x8 , Lenght 7mm works to  Stahl  -  Reichelt
15  5  HTPC-2004  Nut DIN 934-M4  Stahl  -  Screwsandmore


The Raspberry Pi Universal Case can be used with:


The following SSD converters can also be used:


Optionally, the Raspberry Pi stack can be expanded with a HifiBerry sound card. The necessary interface covers are already available for the following sound cards:

Pos. Quantity Partnumber  Name Material Producer  Supplier
 1  1    Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi 3B
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Raspberry Pi 4B
 -  Raspberry Pi  Diverse
 2  1    SSD Konverter für M.2 SATA SSD
   Renkforce oder
 3  1    M.2 SATA SSD (Gestestet und funktioniert, WD Blue 500GB)  -  Diverse  Diverse
 4  1    Optional HifiBerry Soundkarte  -  HifiBerry  Diverse
 5  1  je nach Konfiguration siehe Zeichnung  Raspberry Pi UC Power Blende      
 6  1  je nach Konfiguration siehe Zeichnung  Raspberry Pi UC LAN/USB Blende  PLA oder ABS  -  -
 7      Abstandshalter M2,5x12  Stahl oder Messing    Reichelt
       Netzteil für Raspberry Pi 3B     BerryBase


The necessary components for an HTPC based on Raspberry Pi can be found in the assembly drawing. There is an example drawing for the complete housing and several with the different Raspberry Pi stacks. For another variant, only the Raspberry Pi stack with the appropriate interface covers has to be exchanged. When using a Raspberry Pi 4B, the additional cooling system with a 5V axial fan is recommended, otherwise the processor will be throttled by excessive heat. With a Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B +, passive cooling with heat sinks is sufficient.

Assembly drawings:



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